Ventolin Inhaler

Generic Ventolin inhaler is an anti-asthma medicine that has become widespread in the treatment of respiratory diseases. Inhalation with this drug helps to eliminate a bronchodilator spasm in the patient. The active ingredient is albuterol.

Special instructions and recommendations for use

Before you start using an inhaler, you need to know the following:

  • Albuterol should only be used after consulting a doctor. This drug should be included in a set of treatment measures, and only then can it benefit the patient from the use;
  • If you notice that the effectiveness of the drug decreases, you should consult your doctor again and undergo an examination to identify the cause;
  • During the course, it is advisable to constantly monitor the potassium content in the blood;
  • If you notice a strong deterioration in health during the course of treatment, you should immediately get medical care.

What is Ventolin inhaler used for?

The instructions for use contain comprehensive information on possible indications for use. But only the doctor should prescribe this medicine. The doctor may recommend using this medicine to treat bronchial asthma (to prevent an attack) or chronic lung diseases.

How does it work?

Albuterol has a broncho-dilating effect since this component is able to activate beta2-adrenergic receptors. By binding to this type of receptor in the smooth muscles of the bronchi, it causes them to relax, as a result of which the bronchi dilate for about 4-6 hours. In this case, the effect occurs within five minutes after inhalation.

In addition to expanding the bronchi, albuterol:

  • reduces resistance in the respiratory tract;
  • increases lung capacity;
  • increases mucociliary clearance;
  • activates the ciliated epithelium in the bronchi;
  • stimulates mucus production.

Since the drug selectively affects beta-2 receptors, its therapeutic doses do not increase blood pressure and do not adversely affect the work of the heart. At the same time, the use of an inhaler is able to slightly increase the frequency and strength of myocardial contractions, as well as expand coronary arteries. The drug also has some metabolic effects, for example, an increased risk of acidosis and hyperglycemia, a decrease in potassium levels in the blood.

Is Ventolin OK for toddlers?

Age restrictions for albuterol in children are not noted in the instructions for use. If there are indications for such a medication, it can be used in a child of any age, but only after consulting a doctor. In this case, children under 2 years receive the drug for a short course.

Can I give Ventolin inhaler to my child?

In fact, albuterol inhalation for children may not always be used. It is contraindicated in children under the age of 2, but in some cases, it is prescribed to 1.5-year-old children. From this age, the drug can be used in lower dosages. Children who have not yet turned 18 months are prescribed this medicine extremely rarely because its effect on children of this age is still poorly understood.

Most often, doctors prescribe the drug for a short period. When prescribing the medicine, the doctor takes into account the age of the child, the degree of the disease and possible side effects. The duration of treatment also depends on many factors and is prescribed individually.

How quickly does albuterol work?

This medicine helps to relieve symptoms of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) such as coughing, wheezing and feeling breathless. It starts working within a few minutes and the effect will last about 3-5 hours.

Who should not use Ventolin inhaler?

You cannot use this medicine together non-selective beta-blockers (elements that interfere with the work of catecholamines, which are most often used in cardiac drugs).

This drug is not recommended for use if you have thyrotoxicosis due to the fact that they can cause tachycardia. When used together with cardiac glycosides, albuterol may increase the likelihood of arrhythmias in a person. Taking theophylline together with albuterol can cause tachyarrhythmias. Remember that the drug has an enhancing effect on agents that stimulate the central nervous system.

Pregnant women should also be very cautious when taking the drug.

In general, the contraindications for Ventolin are as follows:

  • high sensitivity to the elements that are used in the product;
  • use together with incompatible drugs;
  • severe hyperfunction of the thyroid gland;
  • cardiovascular disease;
  • tendency to epileptic seizures.

Can it cause side effects?

In rare cases, the medicine can cause side effects such as allergic reactions or headaches. Less common side effects are tachycardia, hyperactivity, or mucosal irritation.

Before using the medicine, it is recommended to study the instructions for use. There you can find is a complete list of side effects.

Can I use albuterol during pregnancy?

The use of the product is not recommended for pregnant women with any health problems. If the expectant mother does not experience health problems and the fetus is developing well, then the use of the drug is permissible. But the effect of the drug on pregnant women has not yet been thoroughly studied.

In those studies that have been performed, a negative effect on the fetus has been noticed. It was found that the medicine caused deformities of the extremities in newborns and the cleft lip. True, the causal relationship between taking this drug and the pathological diseases that have arisen have not been established, because women also took various other medications. Deeper testing is needed for final conclusions.

How to use Ventolin inhaler?

The application mode depends on the complexity of the disease and the age group of the person. The type of inhalations and treatment duration will be chosen by the doctor.

The inhaler is used for milder forms of the disease. The device is easy to carry and use anywhere and anytime. And its volume is enough for a long time of use.

To make an inhalation, follow some steps:

  • when using for the first time, remove the cap from it by slightly pressing the edges on both sides;
  • take the balloon in your hand so that its bottom is on top;
  • clasp the mouthpiece with your lips (do not fix it with your teeth);
  • take a deep breath with your mouth;
  • hold your breath a little and exhale gradually;
  • next time you can inhale the solution after 30 seconds.

What is the usual Ventolin dosage?

A single dose for bronchospasm is 100 μg, that is, one dose of the medicine. If required, a single dosage can be doubled, and the maximum frequency of drug use per day is 4 times.

If the inhaler is used to prevent bronchospasm, then the drug must be inhaled 10-15 minutes before physical exertion or the influence of another provoking factor.

Usually, one dose is enough, that is, 100 μg of albuterol, but, if necessary, it can be increased to 200 μg of the active ingredient.

If the medication is prescribed as part of maintenance treatment, then the drug is used 4 times a day, and the dosage per application will be 100-200 μg.

What happens if I use my Ventolin inhaler too much?

Do not increase the dose without consulting a doctor as an overdose leads to the following side effects:

  • lowering blood pressure;
  • vomiting;
  • cardiopalmus;
  • nervous excitement;
  • tremor of the limbs;
  • hallucinations;
  • convulsions;
  • headache;
  • allergy;
  • bronchospasm.

Is the drug addictive?

Albuterol is not physically addictive. Some patients use asthma inhalers simply out of habit, even when they don’t need the drug. Such a habit could be a psychological type of addiction.

What drugs does albuterol interact with?

  • The inhaler should not be combined with beta-adrenergic blockers, such as propranolol;
  • The medication can be used together with MAO inhibitors;
  • If you do inhalations while treating thyrotoxicosis, albuterol increases the risk of tachycardia and produces a stimulating effect on the central nervous system;
  • When used with xanthines, the medicice increases the likelihood of tachyarrhythmias;
  • If albuterol is used together with anticholinergic drugs, it will increase intraocular pressure;
  • With simultaneous use with glucocorticoid drugs (for example, Pulmicort) or diuretics increases the risk of hypokalemia.

How to store the inhaler?

Store this medicine only in its original packaging in a place that is protected from sunlight and strong temperature extremes. Remember that the optimum temperature should not exceed 30°C. When frozen, the drug becomes unusable. The drug is stored for 2 years, but after the aluminum foil has been opened, it can be stored for no more than 3 months.

Is Ventolin inhaler over-the-counter?

The product is sold in most pharmacies without a prescription, but you must consult a doctor before use.


Both doctors and parents say that Ventolin is a very effective medicine that quickly helps to relieve asthma attacks. According to patients, using the inhaler for a few minutes relieves spasms and helps eliminate an asthmatic attack. The medicine is valued for its ease of use, affordable cost and lack of taste.

Negative reviews are rare and are associated either with side effects that have occurred during treatment or with the ineffectiveness in severe lung disease. Some parents forget that albuterol is only symptomatic treatment for asthma that helps get rid of bronchospasm but does not completely eliminate this disease.

Is there an alternative to Ventolin inhaler?

Other albuterol-based drugs, such as Proventil, can replace this medicine. In addition, if necessary, the doctor can prescribe medications with a similar effect but with a different composition. It can be ipratropium or another medicine from the group of beta-adrenergic agonists.

If you have laryngitis or another upper respiratory tract disease accompanied by a strong dry cough, it is not recommended to use albuterol inhalers and it is better to consult a doctor to find effective remedies for such pathologies, for example, Pulmicort.