Canadian Pharmacy NBCR - Global Distributor of Generic DrugsCanadian Pharmacy NBCR is a convenient Internet service for finding and ordering medications, medical devices, beauty and health products, birth control and emergency contraception. In fact, we are a pharmacy showcase, where you can select the desired product and order it online. You save your time, effort and money with our online pharmacy service. The prices for many medications and health-related products on the drugs online are lower than in conventional pharmacies.

Our mission

As a wholesale and retail company, we promise purchase, deliver and store medications with minimal costs in order to guarantee you the most affordable prices.

As professional pharmacists, we promise to provide you with only reliable information about the use of medications, so that your treatment is effective and safe.

As socially responsible citizens, we promise to provide you with reliable protection against substandard and counterfeit funds.

The goal of Canadian Pharmacy

  • Effective and safe use of drugs;
  • Guaranteed therapeutic result with optimal treatment costs;
  • Disease prevention, promotion of a healthy lifestyle and healthy nutrition;
  • Responsible self-medication;
  • Promotion of rational prescription and use of medications.

What benefits we bring?

Affordable prices

Due to the presence of its own logistics infrastructure (warehouses, distribution centers, transport), we have low costs and make a minimum trade markup for medications and health-related products.

Quality medications

Each batch of medications is subject to multi-stage quality control. If we identify substandard products, we declare this to control institution, return the batch to the manufacturer, or eliminate it.

Special offers

Our company provides an opportunity to make orders of medications are much more reasonable prices using special offers, discount coupon codes that are valid for a limited period of time.

Professional pharmaceutical assistance

The specialists of our pharmacy do not just “release the goods”, but solve the problems of patients, working not as sellers, but as health care professionals.

Innovative approach to drug sales

The policy is as follows: not to make one-time discounts, but to keep an optimal ratio of price and quality every day.

How to search for meds in Canadian Pharmacy?

Search for drugs online is simple and convenient. We have drugs with the same name but different manufacturers. Each product is described. You can compare prices, composition, effect without leaving your home, and order what you like more. We offer a search field, categories, and alphabetic search.

Quality assurance

Our partners are independent legal entities, licensed to carry out pharmaceutical activities: storage, transportation, dispensing and sale of medications.

In accordance with the current legislation, there is an acceptance control of incoming medications. We work only with trusted partners who have gained a trustworthy reputation.

By ordering medications online, you can be sure of the quality of the goods. All information published on the website about the properties, purpose of products, terms, prices and availability, the active ingredient, manufacturer, form of pharmaceutical release, product image is given for reference only and is not a public offer.

How to make an order?

1 Find the right medicine

Use the searching tools: enter the name of the drug, brand or active ingredient. Sort by price or alphabet to make it easier to select the product you want.

2 Add items to cart

Click on the “Buy” button on the product card to add the required quantity to the cart. Then go to the shopping cart and click “Checkout”.

3 Specify personal data

Indicate your name, e-mail and phone number. The contact information is kept safe through secure protocols.

4 Select a delivery option and submit your order

Select the delivery option from the offered ones – Regular airmail or express courier system. Check again the list of products in the basket and submit your order.

If you need to add more medications, place a new order. If you want to delete some product or change its quantity in the current order, address the customer care department.

5 Register or enter your personal account to track the status of your order

After registration, you will be able to track your orders if you choose express courier system. The ID will be sent to your email from the moment the order has been dispensed from the office. If your order is delivered through regular airmail, you may not track your order.

6 The deivery right to your door

The orders are delivered to any address specified in the ordering form. If your chose express delivery, the courier will bring your parcel right to your door.


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