Biomedical Computation


CentriMo specifies common or user-provided motifs that display a featuring parameter for definite locations in your sequence orders. This pattern can also display if the topical accumulation is featuring in relation to control sequences.

It takes a number of motifs and equal-length sequence orders and stands for the location dispensing of the best match of each motif. The motifs are ordinary compendia of DNA- or RNA-binding motifs. There will be the following sequences:

  • 500 bp sequences aligned on ChIP-seq peaks or summits;
  • 300 bp sequences centered on sets of transcription start sites or translation start sites;
  • sequences aligned on splice-junctions;
  • etc.

The online version of CentriMo ensures a great number of motif databases, or you can upload your own motifs in MEME Motif Format, or enter CentriMO in many other formats.

CentriMo also counts the ‘local dispensing’ of each motif by counting the number of times its best coincidence in each sequence order takes place in a local area and utilizing a statistical test to realize if the local dispensing is featuring. By default, CentriMo assesses only areas centered in the input sequences, but CentriMo will counts the dispensing of all regions if necessary. CentriMo utilizes the binomial test to count the importance of the number of sequence orders where the best match takes place in a chosen area, assuming a uniform prior over best match positions.

CentriMo can also show comparative dispensing, underlining the relative enrichment of the best region in a second, control set of sequences if you ensure a set of control sequences. CentriMo alters areas grond on their importance in the primary set of sequence orders, and then it utilizes Fisher’s exact test to assess the importance of the number of best matches in the area in the primary set compared with the number of best matches in the same region in the control set of sequences.