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Genetic DNA Test – The Concept, Top US Companies, Rates

Genetic DNA Test - The Concept, Top US Companies, RatesAny genetic analysis is decoding a person’s DNA and interpreting the results. The procedure consists of several stages. Genetic material is taken from cells: genetics used to work with blood, now laboratories are increasingly switching to non-invasive methods and isolating DNA from saliva.

The isolated material is sequenced. Using chemical reactions and analyzers, it is determined in what sequence the monomers are located in it: this is the genetic code. The obtained sequence is compared with the reference ones and certain chains corresponding to certain genes are searched for. Based on the presence or absence of genes or their changes, a conclusion is made about the test result.

A sequencer launch is a device that decodes a DNA sequence – is very expensive due to the large number of chemicals required. In one run, you can decipher many DNA samples, but the more there are, the less reliable the result will be for each sample and the lower the accuracy of the genetic test will be. Therefore, you should contact a trusted laboratory, which will not save on the quality of the analysis by increasing the number of samples.

An important point to consider when obtaining the results of genetic analysis: genetics does not determine everything that happens to our body. Lifestyle and environmental factors play an equally important role – the ecological situation, climate, the amount of sunlight and others.

How much do DNA tests cost?

The choice of a DNA testing company is not limited to the below mentioned companies. Check out the companies and prices for genetic tests presented in the table.

Company name Country Test for ancestry only Test for health and genetic disease Other data
MyHeritage (Lehi, Utah) USA $79 $199
FamilyTreeDNA (Houston, Texas) USA Starting from $79
Ancestry (Lehi, Utah) USA $99 $149 Traits – $20
23AndMe (Sunnyvale, California) USA $99 $199 Traits – included in the price
TellmeGen (València, Spain) Spain $199 Free Characteristics, drug efficacy – included in the price

All companies listed in the table provide information on the origin and almost all on health. But their reports vary greatly. In one laboratory – for example, Ancestry or TellmeGen – the test will show only the most general picture of the origin. And in another laboratory – for example, 23AndMe – the test can even determine the areas of residence of your relatives. However, such a high accuracy is not guaranteed: it all depends on whether these relatives passed genetic tests to get into the general database.

Health tests determine the susceptibility to disease – from a couple of dozen to several hundred – as well as the presence of defective genes. This information will be useful to those who are going to have a baby.

How do you cover the cost of DNA testing?

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